The NBC Special hosted by Charlton Heston. Expanded to reveal startling new evidence not seen on television.

John Anthony West explores new, exciting theories and discoveries about the most famous monument of all time, the Great Sphinx of Egypt.

* Does evidence of water erosion prove that the Sphinx is at least 10,000 years old?

* How were huge, 200 ton stone blocks lifted into place to build the Sphinx Temples?

* Famous America psychic Edgar Cayce predicted a hidden room beneath the Sphinx; the seismograph found it. What can it tell us? Is there a vanished civilization? Can the legend of Atlantis be true?

* Is there an extraterrestrial Sphinx on Mars as revealed in official NASA photographs?

Explore a new and revolutionary view of history and the origins of civilization as John Anthony West examines "The Mysteries of the Sphinx."


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