Haunted Places

Filmmaker Christopher Lewis takes us on a guided tour of some of America's most unusual Haunted Places... and discovers how mischievous spirits can trick even the most sophisticated ghost hunter.

This video will take you on a cross-country tour of haunted places...

Join us at a seance to meet "Little Girl Lost" of Waverly Plantation where we contact the spirit of the little girl killed there during the Civil War.

Travel to the Myrtles plantation, considered by the Smithsonian institute to be 13th most haunted house in America!

Visit the Gettysburg battlefield with the intertnational ghost hunters society and witness the phenomenon they capture with ghost finding apparatus!

Step back in time to a perfectly restored Victorian village in the Tennessee mountains and meet the many spirits who still inhabit the town!

Meet the spirit who still oversees his beloved Gilcrease mansion near Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Plus, insightful comments by renowned para-psychologist Dr. Barry Taff, investigator of "The Entity"... This is a tape full of fascinating adventures beyond death's door in which you will witness actual contact with the Spirit World!

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