Truckin' - The Odyssey of the American Truck Driver

Climb aboard! Join the trucker's friend, all-night DJ Bill Mack on a cross-country odyssey into the lives of American truckers. Ride with a half-dozen distinctly different drivers... some men, some women... each with a special assignment... each with a unique job to do. Pat Quintana takes us from Seattle to Houston on a typical long haul. Susan Moore and her dog "Zippie" pull a Reefer trailer from California to Minnesota. Jim Davis moves a giant bulldozer up Interstate 5. Dave Pengore hauls timber off a mountainside in Oregon, and Bill and Theresa McCartney take their new rig on its maiden run.

This is a fast-paced, exciting, fact-filled look at the lives of America's last true free spirits... today's truck drivers. Plenty of hard driving, gear shifting diesel action on this one!!!

Copy from May Issue of Road Star Magazine

On The Road with the Silver Fox

Recently, I came across a great trucking video. It is the first video I have ever seen that really shows you what you guys and gals do for a living. There are six drivers in the film. They aren't Hollywood. They are real people.

Professional long haul driver Pat Quintana takes us from Seattle to Houston. Lady driver Susan Moore and her dog Zippie pull a reefer from California to Minnesota. Heavy hauler Jim Davis moves a giant bulldozer up I-5. Dave Penegore hauls timber off a mountain, and out of the forests, in Oregon. Husband and wife team drivers, Bill and Theresa McCartney, take you for a ride on their new truck's first run. It is as real as it gets.

Directed and produced by Chris and Linda Lewis, "Truckin' : The Odyssey of the American Trucker shows the side of trucking that makes us proud to know you. It's a film that every trucker should take home to his family, so they could show the kids, neighbors, relatives and friends what you really do for a living. You drivers who have programs with school children ought to get a copy for your favorite teacher. It's the kind of film you and the teacher have wanted but never could find.

After watching this excellent, first-rate documentary for 65 minutes, I looked at the credits. One of the names rolling by on our TV screen was one of OOIDA's Landline editors Ruth Jones. She's quality plus, and she's one of my favorite people. And driver, you can take this to the bank, if Ruth Jones had anything to do with this film, you can bet it's 100 percent.

If you like trucking, you can't go wrong with this one.

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Review from RPM Magazine

"Truckin' : The Odyssey of the American Truck Driver" is a video that answers an often asked question every truck writer is asked by drivers, dozens of times a year; "When is somebody going to write a book that tells people about what it really goes on out there? Truckin' hosted by "The Midnight Cowboy" Bill Mack, is a 60 minute video that does just that and alot more.

Driver Pat Quintana takes us on a trip from Seattle to Houston. Susan Moore takes us on a reefer ride from California to Minnesota. Dave Penegore takes us out where the logs grow, and Jim Davis shows us the life of a a heavy equipment mover. This action packed 60 minutes is a great overview of our industry.

The producers of Truckin', Linda & Christopher Lewis, have the right background to make this video work. Linda comes from a trucking family and Christopher is the son of actress Loretta Young, who pioneered class act TV shows in the 1950's.

Truckin' is a video that a driver can use to "show and tell" other family members and friends about life on the road in an honest and well presented fashion. It is one of those "pass around videos" that do the most good getting into as many hands as possible. If you have been looking for a great way to share your job with the wife, kids or relatives who can't actually go on a ride, "Truckin' is just the ticket. And every trucking company recruiter and every truck driver training school now has a tool to show prospects firsthand what driving is all about, for those with a professional outlook on life.

I received the "Truckin'" video. I enjoyed watching it! It not only shows truck drivers in a positive light, but makes their jobs sound very interesting and challenging. I hope that you are able to get the video aired on cable. Non-trucking people need to see it!

Thank you for showing truck drivers in a positive light!

Mary Ann Bryant
Super Driver Magazine

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