A Journey Down Route 66

This is a full-length, 90 minute video tour of memorable people & places along the fabled highway. Hosted by award-winning author Michael Wallis, we believe this is a great addition to the continued efforts to preserve and enhance the historic Mother Road, Route 66... It's an eight-state, 2400 mile nostalgic look at out past. You will certainly enjoy this sweet glimpse of America's Main Street.

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A Journey Down Route 66
Length: approx. 90 minutes.
Discounted price just: $18.00

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Route 66 Revisited

This colorful, nostalgic video takes you on a lively, 40 minute tour of some of Route 66 adventurer Michael Wallis' favorite spots along the historic highway. This is a rare glimpse at the special attractions and quaint towns that have made Route 66 the best-known highway in the world.

You'll visit the world famous diners, classic motels and historic roadhouses that line the venerable two-lane. Count license plates along the classic highway. Explore a real ghost town. Experience a break down in the Arizona mountains. Compare classic automobiles. Enjoy colorful neon. Make Devil's Rope. Ride along on a Fun Run... plus much, much more.

You'll truly enjoy this very personal look at the unique attractions along the shoulders of Old Route 66.


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