"There are some places in the universe you don't go alone" "This time it's war"

The basic story involves a return trip to the alien home planet, by space marines and original mission survivor, Warrant Officer Ripley, the only one to survive from her ship, Nostromo.

After 57 years asleep in space, Ripley (Weaver), is found by a salvage ship and returned to earth. Much to her horror, she finds out that the company had put a human mining colony on the same planet that the original alien had come from, about twenty years ago. At first, no one completely believes her account of what happened to her and fellow shipmates aboard the Nostromo. Finally, when The Company looses contact with the colony LV-426, They send marines, with Ripley as an advisor, back to investigate what happened to the colony on this planet. Ripley voluntarily goes back to face her adversaries, in hopes of ending her constant nightmares that plague her. Also, Burke promises to destroy the aliens, and not bring them back for study.

When a horde of destructive aliens prove too much for the marines, it's up to the experienced, determined Ripley to save the day, as they find themselves on one hand, featured on the snack schedule of the hungry aliens, and on the other hand about to be blown up on the planet by a nuclear bomb blast because their shuttle is disabled.

James Cameron's direction and his screenplay are well done. Cameron has also written/directed other movies, including TITANIC, TERMINATOR 1 & 2, TRUE LIES 1 & 2, and THE ABYSS. His experience and talent shines forth in ALIENS as well.

The action scenes in this film are definite pulse-pounders, a definite needed quality for all great action films. The audience is treated to non-stop tension and action, once the bug battles begin. It has all the elements of a fast-paced, well-done war drama.

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The casting for this film was expertly done and their direction by Cameron was flawless.

A buffed Sigourney Weaver is a joy to behold as space warrior, multi-dimensional Ripley, who is both tough and brave, tender and maternal. Sigourney Weaver skillfully plays a woman that holds her own in a man's world, kicking some serious alien butt. Yet, the developing close relationship between Ellen Ripley and the lone survivor, Newt , gives ALIENS a "surprisingly effective emotional core," in the middle of a battle field full of carnage. Weaver's performance earned her an academy award nomination for Best Actress, an honor rarely given anyone in an action- oriented film.

A favorite scene is when Ripley confronts the Queen alien, which is threatening the girl child, Newt, (Carrie Henn). Weaver is a fierce, surrogate mother, and more than a match for the monstrous alien. Memorable line... Weaver to alien, "Get away from her, you bitch!"

The entire supporting cast deserves "Thumbs Up" for doing a great job. Paul Reiser, as Carter J. Burke, is well cast as a slimy company man, who goes along on this mission to represent The Company.

Also entertaining is the cigar chewing Al Matthews who portrays Ground Troop Commander Sergeant A. Apone, and Mark Rolston is convincing as hard man Smart Gunner Private M. Drake.

Bill Paxton shines as wise-cracking, immature Communications Technician Private W. Hudson. Though Paxton has a proud record of many great performances in many movies, some feel this effort is one of his finest performances.

Jenette Goldstein, is convincing as Smart Gunner Private J. Vasquez, a marine as tough and brave as any man present.

Michael Biehn - plays a cool character, Corporal Dwayne Hicks.

In addition, Lance Henriksen (Millennium) is well cast as a resourceful humanoid robot, that Ripley has deep distrust of, after her bad experiences with the Nostromo's humanoid robot, a company-programmed bad apple, by the name of Ash (Ian Holm).

ALIENS was nominated for 7 Oscars, including Weaver as Best Actress. The Best Visual Effects and Best Sound Effects Editing Oscars were won. Both the visual and sound effects help create the overall mood.

ALIENS is very intense, exciting, and a little bit gory, a film that would terrify children, and be too much for sensitive people. It is recommended for the over 17 crowd who enjoy intense action films.


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