The Outer Limits Reviews - classic Outer Limits Episodes

The Galaxy Being

The 100 Days of the Dragon

The Architects of Fear

The Man With the Power 

The Sixth Finger 

The Man Who Was Never Born


The Human Factor 

Corpus Earthling 


It Crawled Out of the Woodwork

The Borderland 

Tourist Attraction 

The Zanti Misfits 

The Mice 

Controlled Experiment 

Do Not Open Till Doomsday 


The Invisibles 

The Bellero Shield 

The Children of Spider County



Second Chance 








The Mutant

The Guests

Fun and Games 

The Special One 

A Feasisbility Study 

The Production & Decay of... 

The Chameleon 

The Forms of Things Unknown

The Soldier 

Cold Hands, Warm Heart 

Behold, Eck!

Expanding Human 

Demon With a Glass Hand 

Cry of Silence 

The Invisible EnemyWolf 359 

I, Robot 

The Inheritors 

Keeper of the Purple Twilight

The Duplicate Man 


The Brain of Colonel Barham 

The Premonition 

The Probe 

Episodes listed in order of production/airing.

When Sci-Fi fans discuss their favorite old TV series, THE OUTER LIMITS frequently crops up. Although THE OUTER LIMITS reruns have been broadcast infrequently since it went off the air, over thirty years ago, and is available on home video, the show still has a legion of fans, perhaps not as large a fan club as "Star Trek," but certainly as loyal.

The show has developed an almost fanatical following over the years, maybe because the show was shot in black and white, or because it only ran two years, or because many of the show's original fans were barely in their teens when the show first aired.

What a lot of people seem to recall about THE OUTER LIMITS are the aliens, what Producer Joseph Stefano called, the "bears". They were a varied lot, from the ant-like criminals, of "The Zanti Misfits," to the alien controlled tumble weeds, of "A Cry of Silence".

Many actors who later became big stars ,in the 60's, got early exposure on THE OUTER LIMITS; including Robert Culp ("I Spy"), David McCallum ("The Man from U.N.C.L.E."), William Shatner and Leonard Nimoy ("Star Trek"), Ed Asner ("Lou Grant," "Mary Tyler Moore"), Martin Landau ("Mission: Impossible"), Cliff Robertson ("Charly"), Sally Kellerman ("M.A.S.H."), and Carroll O' Connor ("In the Heat of the Night" and "All in the Family").

Most people don't know that the "Control Voice", heard at the start and end of every THE OUTER LIMITS episode, was voiced by the late Vic Perrin, who did not receive on screen credit. Perrin also did alien voice work on some Classic "Star Trek" episodes, including "Arena".  

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