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DIE HARD (3) With a Vengance Bruce Willis and Samuel L. Jackson are and unlikely team trying to stop a mad bomber in NYC.

DIRTY HARRY Edge of your seat excitement. Clint Eastwood is great as the maverick police detective Dirty Harry.

ERASER Arnold as a Federal Marshall trying to protect Vanessa Williams. Watch for the fight scenes on the plane and the alligators.
48 HOURS One of the best cops and robbers movies ever made. Action packed and fun. A must for Eddie Murphy and Nick Nolte fans.
THE FRENCH CONNECTION Two NY detectives are investigating the flow of drugs from France. Gene Hackman, Roy Scheider and the best chase scene ever.
FROM DUSK TILL DAWN A wild viloent, vampire horror story with George Clooney.
THE GETAWAY (72) Steve McQueen and Ali MacGraw in a great adventure. Inspired excitement from legendary action director Sam Peckinpah.
GOLDEN EYE The first Pierce Bronson Bond film. Watch out for the kidnapped killer Russian Satellite.
GOLDFINGER A Sean Connery BOND classic.
GUNGA DIN Gary Grant and his pals in the British Army help save India.

HARD TARGET Jean-Claude Van Damme's best film thanks to action director John Woo. Lance Henriksen is a great badguy.

INDIANA JONES AND THE LAST CRUSADE (Action Adventure) Harrison Ford and Sean Connery.

JUMANJI A heartwarming and fun fantasy with great effects. A must for Robin Williams fans

KELLY'S HEROES In this comedy-adventure, a small group of WW2 American soldiers invade Germany to steal Nazi gold. Great, great casting including: Eastwood, Savalas, Rickles, and Sutherland.
KING KONG The big monster movie.

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