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ALL ABOUT EVE (Drama) A must for Bette Davis fans.

ALL THE PRESIDENT'S MEN (Drama) Great Docu-Drama about the Watergate conspiracy.

AMADEUS (Drama) A Best Picture Oscar winner with Mozart music.
AMERICAN GRAFFITI (Comedy-Drama) The best coming-of-age teen movie. Great Rock "n" Roll music with a great, great cast and a young Harrison Ford.
APOLLO 13 (Historical Drama) With a great screenplay and cast, director Ron Howard makes a recent historical event very exciting.
BATMAN FOREVER (Fantasy-Adventure) A perfect comic book adventure as Robin joins Batman to fight two super villians.
A BEAUTIFUL MIND (Drama) Russell Crowe gave a brillant performance in 2001's Best Picture winner.
BEN-HUR (Drama) The award winning classic with Charlton Heston and the unforgettable chariot race.
THE BIG CHILL (Comedy-Drama) Old high school friends have a weekend reunion and explore serious topics.
THE BIG SLEEP (Crime Drama) Bogie & Bacall at their best in a film noir classic. A must for Philip Marlowe fans.

THE BLACK STALLION (Family) A boy and a horse get shipwrecked and then are rescued.

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