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ALIENS (great Action)

Signoury battles more aliens. Memorable action and monster scenes with considerable violence!

BACK TO THE FUTURE (Time Travel/Comedy)

The best time travel film and it launched a successful trilogy.

BACK TO THE FUTURE 3 (Time Travel/Comedy)

They travel to the old west, where Doc finds love.

BLADE RUNNER (Earth in the Future)

A must for Rutger Hauer and Harrison Ford fans.

DARK CITY (Aliens) 

A Sci-Fi mystery as to time and place.


A flying saucer lands on earth.

E.T. (Aliens)

A classic family film from Steven Speilberg.

FORBIDDEN PLANET  (Space Adventure)

The classic space adventure (ala Star Trek) years before the classic Trek series was launched. Many will enjoy a young Leslie Neilsen.

GALAXY QUEST (Space Adventure/Comedy) 

A great spoof of Star Trek type shows.

THE HIDDEN  (Aliens)

Has crime-drama and horror elements.


Thrill a minute Sci-Fi epic inspired by H.G. Wells and the "War of the Worlds."

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