Promotional Lines: "The world will never be the same once you've seen it through the eyes of Forrest Gump."

"Life is like a box of chocolates... you never know what you're gonna get." "Stupid is as stupid does."

This film won the Oscar for Best Picture for 1994. Under the gifted direction of Robert Zemeckis, this brilliant, poignant, well-paced, powerful film tells the moving tale of a mildly retarded boy, Forrest Gump (Michael Conner Humphreys & Tom Hanks), raised by his loving, devoted but unconventional mother, who grows up and manages to go everywhere, and meet everyone, including Elvis Presley, JFK, and John Lennon. Gump sees the world through three strong forces in his life; God, his mother, and Jenny, who was his life long friend, whom he dearly loved.

The film starts off with Forrest's childhood, his experiences he went through, how he met Jenny, how he got into college, his experiences in the Army in Viet Nam, and his adventures after he came home. As he goes through his life, he accidentally has experiences with famous people, and experiences famous moments in history. His true love, Jenny, comes in and out of his life, as she tries to overcome the scars of her traumatic childhood home life with an alcoholic father, with despicable habits.

The moving script, by Eric Roth, was adapted from the novel by Winston Groom. Throughout the movie, the script ponders the question: Are the events / occurrences in one's life just an accident, like a feather in the wind, or are they the result of personal destiny? Or, does one make his/her own destiny, using what God gave each person?

Hanks gives a wonderful performance as the unworldly Gump. He has a sweetness, and a simple honesty that's hard to resist. "His heart knows what his limited IQ cannot. His moral compass never wavers." Hanks won the best actor Oscar for his performance.

In addition to Hanks amazing performance, he gets great support from the other players.

Robin Wright plays the emotionally troubled Jenny, who as a child, (played by Hannah Miller) was described as having "the sweetest voice in the whole world."

Robin and Tom had terrific screen chemistry, getting a lot of mileage out of the material written in this fine screenplay, by Eric Roth. They provide the audience with fine, dramatic moments in the story. My favorite sequence of scenes starts when they unexpectedly run into each other in Washington D.C., in a most creative way.

Gary Sinise is a revelation as Gump's Vietnam era superior officer, and friend, Lieutenant Dan Taylor, who goes through a variety changes as the war and life in general throws trials and obstacles in his life.

Mykelti Williamson is endearing as Hanks' shrimp obsessed, Army buddy, Benjamin "Bubba" Bufford-Blue who asks Forrest to be his business partner, after they get back to the states, when their tour of duty is over. Unfortunately, he dies in Forrest's arms, but Forrest doesn't forget their partnership plans, and carries on down the road.

Sally Field excels as Hanks loving mother, determined that he be treated like anyone else, so he would reach his full potential."You have to do the best with what God gave you." Because of her efforts, and her guidance Forrest does wind up using what God did give him, to the best of his ability.

The film's soundtrack is wonderful. It's like an audio trip through some of the best loved music of the '60's and '70's.

My favorite scene takes place in Forrest's childhood. Forrest is in leg braces. Pursued by bullies, and urged on by his girl pal, Jenny, (Hannah Mill), Forrest runs as fast as he can. As he runs, in slow motion, his leg braces fall off. Freed of his restraints, Forrest streaks away, outdistancing his pursuers. The scene is a wonderful, uplifting, damp-eyed movie moment.

The film is a future classic because of the way it looks at the tumultuous '60's and '70's, with laughs and a few tears, through the eyes of an innocent. You don't have to have lived through these times, personally, to enjoy this movie, but it certainly enhances the viewing experience.

Through the miracle of computerized FX, Forrest seems to interact with many of the famous, powerful, and influential people of the '60's and '70's. The Visual Effects won an Oscar.

If you enjoyed FORREST GUMP, you may like "Being There," Zelig," "The Truman Show," "Regarding Henry," "The World According to Garp," "The Castaway," and/or "Apollo 13."

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